Ways To Incorporate Our Cookies

Ever wonder how to incorporate Morganic Bakeshop cookies to your life? From eating them alone to sprinkling them on a healthy bowl, there are so many ways you can enjoy our cookies. Check out our ideas below for some inspiration on how to enjoy Morganic Bakeshop cookies for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snack!
    1. Sprinkle on your go-to smoothie, yogurt, chia seed pudding bowl or a salad for an extra crunch
    2. Spread on your favorite nut butter for some extra natural protein
    3. Crumble to create “granola”, add milk and spoon right in
    4. Add to your charcuterie board for the perfect pairing with cheese, fruit and raw nuts
    5. Eat alone for a quick nutritious and healthy on the go breakfast, snack or dessert

We hope you enjoy these ideas for different ways to use our cookies.

Leave a comment to share any other tips and ways you eat your cookies with us below or on social media @morganicbakeshop #morganicbakeshop

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